The Metal Years

Brussels’ Natascha Mehlhop Gallery is exhibiting my solo show The Metal Years. It includes three videos and two series of poster prints, the Vietnam Pop Maps and a triplet of the 3D helicopter models used for 26/20 (SOL Where is it?). The preview of the exhibtion is going to take place on June the [...]

Vietnam Pop Maps

The idea, these three A1 maps are based on, is strongly connected with the research for my MA dissertation. It is based on the two main hypotheses that 1) the Vietnam War was the first pop war and 2) the Vietnam War was like a catalyst for especially the American pop music. This goes back [...]

CSM studio work

While I’m working in my first year with the Vietnam pop maps on something non-digital  I was kind of missing motion design a bit. The research on information design and map making led me to these two short animations. The above one is a representation of a structure of cohesive mountains in the Swiss Alps [...]


‘Ichisichisichisich’ is a music video that was produced by Sir ja sir in cooperation with comic artist Christopher “Piwi” Tauber for a competition of the German rap formation Die Fantastischen Vier. Their song of the same name was the second single of their 2007 album ‘Fornika’. Our submission reached the last 20 contestants.

Immergut Festival 2007

The Immergut Festival, named after its early main sponsor, a dairy company, in Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is like the family meeting of the German speaking independent scene and the first festival of the year at the same time. Once a year about 5,000 fans meet at the little town close the picturesque lake district of Mecklenburg. [...]

26/20 (SOL Where Is It?)

In a reproductive world men and machines own a native faultiness. These immanent faulty designs separate the particular partner in the overall system, the human-machine universe. ‘26/20 (SOL Where is it?)’ visualises the isolation and the loss of power in an unlocatable space of faultiness. Thereby the consequence of an error, the accident, is excluded, [...]

It covers the hillside

‘It covers the hillside’ was meant to be a live visualisation for the Texan folk rockers Midlake. Unfortunately they never used it on stage. The basis of the kaleidoscopic film are about a dozen Creative Commons movies of the Prelinger Archive.
‘It covers the hillside’ 11/2006; 03:15 mins; PAL 16/9

Break the hood & Freedom fighter

Both micro movies ‘Freedom Fighter’ and ‘Break the hood’ are a Sir ja sir production. ‘Freedom Fighter’ is about a hero who saves the world in an unconventional way. In the second clip, ‘Break the Hood’, break dancers are taking over the city. ‘Break the hood’ won the first price at the 2007 O2 Mobile [...]

Imprisoned rappers

‘Imprisoned Rappers’ is the working title of a documentary about a group of five rapping young men, their everyday life behind bars and an alluring career in the music business. We escorted them for one day to their second concert at all. Tensions were high as this concert of all places should be in the [...]

Go up in smoke

‘Go up in smoke’ is a music video for the Frankfurt group Good Heart Boutique. Another joint project with the comic artist Christopher “Piwi” Tauber. For the shooting we used 20 years old vintage pro-VHS-cameras to get this unique lo-fi 80s music show look. It successfully fitted together with the rough garage sound of the [...]


‘Panzer’ was the practical part of my BA dissertation in European Media Studies. It is a music video for a song of the same name of the Mediengruppe Telekommander. The theoretical component was an inventory control of music videos entitled “Machine guns in the picture stream – music videos and the war”. ‘Panzer’ montages hundreds [...]

This is the online portfolio for motion and design projects and related research of Nico Roicke. I'm a graduate of MA Communication Design, pathway Digital Media, at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Also I'm part of the motion design studios Sir ja sir and Buchstabenschubser.

Beside motion graphics (or motion design, if you prefer) I'm the co-founder of the fanzine and weblog Jackpot Baby! - New digital pop culture (all texts unfortunately in German language) and I write for Berlin's finest Webblog Spreeblick - Pop, Politics, Products & Positions (German again). Go and catch up some of my latest tweets on Twitter (English and German, it's really hard to tell) or take a glance at some of my Flickr pics and Vimeo vids.