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The panoptic view on moving images

At least since the blueprints of Jeremy Bentham it is known that the view (and it’s direction) is a representation of hierarchies as well. One who sees much rules much. In sociology this coherence had been widely explored, e.g., by Michel Foucault, yet the panoptic representation of moving images as an progressing process has far [...]

This life is not a movie, or maybe

The subject of my final project at Central Saint Martins is what I would call Screen Realities. Primarily it addresses the electronic screens that had been invented with television in the early 20s of the last century and that are dominating our perception of the world nowadays (through the tele, monitors, projections and mobile devices) [...]

I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong!

The Vietnam War is remembered as the first war the United States lost and the trauma of the result for a nation. The conflict was different from previous ones in various ways. Some impacts on the western culture had been directly visible, monitored through the mass media. The ones on a subcultural level needed a [...]

This is the online portfolio for motion and design projects and related research of Nico Roicke. I'm a graduate of MA Communication Design, pathway Digital Media, at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Also I'm part of the motion design studios Sir ja sir and Buchstabenschubser.

Beside motion graphics (or motion design, if you prefer) I'm the co-founder of the fanzine and weblog Jackpot Baby! - New digital pop culture (all texts unfortunately in German language) and I write for Berlin's finest Webblog Spreeblick - Pop, Politics, Products & Positions (German again). Go and catch up some of my latest tweets on Twitter (English and German, it's really hard to tell) or take a glance at some of my Flickr pics and Vimeo vids.